CRUISE & YACHT New build and Refurbishment

LEAN Interior Outfitting & Architectural Design Project Management 

Start-up Ship Operations / Hotel Operations - Process optimisation  

Cruise Re-Start and Start - up Operations


30 years in the Cruise Industry. Passionate Seafarer, with several years in Senior Management positions "working @ Sea" of oceangoing Cruise-, Expedition-, and river cruise vessels.


Consultant for more than 13 Years.
Cruise Start-up operations, Strategic advisory, Owners Representative / Project Development - Interior Outfitting und Architectural Design Project management for Yacht and Cruise ships. Project and Process development and Optimisation. Hotel and ISM Manuals. Train the Trainer.

Supporting Owners and Executives in all aspects during startup of new Cruise Companies or Re-branding; planning and realisation of Newbuild and Revitalisation Projects. (e.g. The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, TUI Cruises, ARosa River Cruises etc...) Set up and implement Policies & Operating Procedures and ensure that the teams understand the value of such. 

Since 2012 Specialized in LEAN Construction management for the Cruise ship Building industry, mainly architectural design and interior outfitting Project management. Supervision, development, planning and monitoring the execution of the entire project, including budget monitoring of simultaneous multi-million dollar projects.

You can count on me! 

LEAN Construction - Interior Outfitting
LEAN management in shipbuilding enables continuous improvement of Project planning, production processes during construction and the improvement of process stability. Optimization of material consumption - Waste reduction and cost reduction - (environmentally friendly) and optimized resource planning.
The focus is on smooth flow takt-planning (TAKT=BEAT) with coordinated work steps. Same as a good rowing team that delivers perfect performance in time.
It is just as important to eliminate waste and increase production by spending more time on value-added tasks than fire fighting. All factors together will result in an optimized process, increased quality and reduced operations cost.


Long history of successful multi-million dollar projects.

  • Project Management new building and revitalisation. Project Development "From an Idea or need to a successful finished project." 
    - Project Development Newbuild and Refurbishment / modernisation, Feasibility and Maintenance analysis,
    - Design support according to Marine design regulations and sustainable Design possibilities
    Excellent Industry Network for IMO Materials, Sustainable / Circular Materials
  • - Source for information of best practice, feasibility, practicality and alternate 
    - ensure compliance with Class, Port state, ILO or ADA requirements 
    - Budget planning, supervision
    - Value Engineering, contract negotiations
    - Leader of multi-national Teams with over 700 team members to complete
      successful and on time projects
    - Pre opening or Re-branding periods on cruise ships and Yachts

      specialised in PASSENGER Suites / Staterooms and Interior Areas.
      Up to 1700Cabins per Ship using LEAN Principles on Ship Revitalisation. 
      LEAN SHIPBUILDING 4239 Suites and Cabins on Harmony of the Seas New-    build 2015-2016

    Other fields of expertise:
  • SHIP and Hotel OPERATION Improvements & Process Implementation or Optimisation
  • Re-Start of Cruise Operations / Start up of new Cruise companies 
  • Set up of Ship Quality manuals and hotel operation manuals
  • ISM Manuals
  • Set up of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP `s)
  • Quality control of Hotel operation (hotel, service and/or employee's quality)
  • Quality control of Ship operation (Safety Quality)
  • ISM Audit preparation for all departments on board
  • ISM Audit preparation and training for crew members
  • Process optimization in Hotel operations and Ship operations
  • Restructuring of process and course of action  
  • Interims Hotelmanager / Hotel manager Vacation replacement Oceangoing and River cruises


  • References:

  • Quark Expedition ULTRAMARINE - Director Newbuild Interior Outfitting 2019/2020
  • Celebrity Revolution Project Project Manager Stateroom- & Suite Revite Celebrity Millennium and Summit 2018/2019
  • The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, Start up Team & Senior Superintendent Architectural Design & Interior Outfitting 2016 - 2018
  • Director of Operations - Rheinhold & Mahla (R&M) 
  • Harmony of the Seas, Superintendent Interior /Staterooms 4239 Cabins, Suites & Loft Suites, various Public Areas, Softgoods, Signage etc. 2015-2016
  • CEL/Summit Luminae (SUITE) Dining 2015
  • CEL/Silhouette Luminae (SUITE) Dining 2015
  • Voyager of the Seas Passenger Staterooms / Casino 2014
  • Adventure of the Seas Passenger Staterooms 2014
  • Navigator of the Seas Passenger Staterooms 2014
  • Vision of the Seas Passenger Staterooms 2013
  • CEL/Constellation Passenger Staterooms / TV conversion 2013
  • Legend of the Seas Passenger Staterooms & 137 New Balconies 2013
  • Enchantment of the Seas Passenger Staterooms & Balcony door works 2012
  • Grandeur of the Seas Passenger Staterooms 2012
  • Rhapsody of the Seas Passenger Staterooms 2012
  • CEL/Summit Passenger Staterooms 2012
  • CEL/Infinity Passenger Staterooms 2011
  • Mein Schiff 2 Quality Manager / Project Manager Crew Cabins 2011
  • Mein Schiff 1 SQM Implementation 2009
  • A-Rosa Bella / A-Rosa Donna Owners Acceptance Inspections, Asst. Hoteldirector / Setup and implementation of Hotel Manuals /Accommodation Crew Pax etc.